Pătrat pătat  "Stain Square" is an illustrated book against bullying children.
How does bullying feel? Have you ever felt or thought? It's like a stain, a stain that sometimes not even time can make it disappear. That stain will stay with the inner child even in an old body because some things never go away. 

The concept of this book is to draw attention to the problem of bullying, especially in schools, emphasizing the long-term negative effects. Words are powerful, but sometimes we need visual images to be aware of it. 
The "fat kid" is probably the most exposed to this kind of unfortunate circumstances.  I took the main insults that "fat" children could be called: cow, whale, waste of space, barrel, carpet-bag etc. I created a serial of characters based on the bullying reference, all using recycled cardboard to highlight the transformation process. 
The goal is to raise awareness around this apparent simple words that could be later a trauma trigger,  a stain for life, for the bullied kid. 
Thanks: Dinu Dumbrăvician

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