Some insides from the photobook I made for @jxrdanhardy for the documentary "Of A Sleepless Town" - a two-parts documentary following three of Shanghai’s leading creatives — Architect, Wuyahuang Li, photographer, Shuwei Liu, and electronic music producer, Han Han (Gooooose). 
Part 1 presents a portrait of a place; one symbolic of China’s embrace of globalisation in the late 20th century, as the film’s subjects break down the psychological and social impact of Shanghai’s urban form. 
In Part 2, the conversation turns to self-identify as they explore their own experiences of masculinity and self-identity as men, living and creating in an ever-changing physical and spiritual landscape. 
The photobook was created initially as an integrated concept, my idea was to develop a visual narrative where the main characters are influence somehow about the city where they live and this could impact their self-expression regarding their masculinity.

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